This and That from Mercedes

Hi, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina,

It’s January and the trees are bare, but my daffodils are already thrusting their first growth above the cold earth. It’s signaling that spring is on its way and new opportunities are ahead.

I grew up in Kansas where the winters were harsh, but as a child I loved to play in the snow. I remember my Daddy pulling me through the fluffy white stuff on a big scoop shovel that in summer he used to heave the wheat into the grain storage shed. But now I’m happy to live in an area where we have little snow.

My husband, Chuck, and I moved here from Illinois over thirty years ago. We have been in our present home just fourteen years and it is our dream home.  It was built as a supper club back in the ’40’s; however, didn’t remain one for long.  The sheriff closed it because there was gambling upstairs and two bedroom that were rented out by the hour. It eventually became a family home, but needed a lot of upgrading when we purchased it. We added a garage, a screened porch, central heat and air conditioning, etc. The two and one-half acres provides a place for Chuck’s vegetable garden and he can start his seedlings in the garden room on the front of the house.

I have a perfect place in the large kitchen for my orchids. I guess that’s where I got the idea for the book I’m presently working on. My working title is The Orchid Connection.  It will be the third in my Ann Waldon Mystery Series. The second, A Hint of Jasmine, came out late last year and also mentioned orchids. I have used our house as the setting for the series. I don’t think we harbor a ghost, but we there is a secret niche which is hidden behind a small what-knot shelf.

Love to hear from you.

Mercedes Town